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Canvas and Deep Frame Canvas

I absolutely love these products! The deep frame option really adds definition to the canvas and the different wood finishes make it suitable for any image.

Each canvas is hand stretched and folded around a wooden frame. Tension pegs are added in each corner to prevent the canvas sagging over time. 

Then give your canvas the wow factor by adding a super chunky frame in one of 4 wood finishes. The frame is open, without glass with your canvas sitting flush with the front of the frame. A shadow gap is then left between the frame and the canvas. The specialist inks used with see your canvas stand the test of time with long lasting UV protection. 

Canvas                                                        Deep Framed Canvas

20x16   £185                                              20x16   £255

30x20   £235                                              30x20   £300

36x24   £295                                              36x24   £370

Acrylic Products

HD Acrylic Panel                                               Acrylic Orb

24x16   £195                                                     12"    £150

30x20   £280                                                     20"   £200

40x30   £450                                                     24"   £270

Tray Frames Acrylic

24x16   £265

30x20   £300

36x24   £595

Block Mount

The block mount is minimalistic, modern and stunning way to display your images.

Your photographic print will be is laminated with a UV protective and scratch resistant laminate and mounted directly onto an 18mm MDF panel.

The edges can then be finished with a choice of black, white or oak banding making this a very versatile product.

24x16   £185

30x20   £235

36x24   £295

Box of 10 mounted prints

Your prints will look absolutely stunning when mounted and boxed. These make the perfect gift for grandparents or a little something to display on the coffee table in your home.

Boxes of 10 prints come with the middle and top packages for each session. Additional boxes can be purchased for only £65.

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