Why I will always encourage THAT one photo

New mummy? I’ve been there (twice) , I get it…

Sleepness nights and constant feeding don’t leave you feeling too fresh faced do they? And although you look radiant to everyone else, you most likely don’t feel too amazing.

When you turn up to my studio for your newborn shoot less than 14 days after you’ve given birth, having your photo taken may be the last thing you may want to do. But I really do encourage you to have a photograph with your little one (even if it’s just one!). It’s all about natural little moments between you and your baby so you wont even need to pose too much for these!

I always offer parent, sibling and family images as part of all my newborn photography shoots. They are absolutely some of my favourite to capture and here’s why….

They will only fit like this in your arms for such a short amount of time. It is a perfect record of just how tiny your little one was, as well as a treasured keepsake for you, grandparents and your baby as they grow up. Even just 2 weeks after the photoshoot when families return for their viewing session, they are always so surprised by the change in their baby, it is always worth having THAT one photo!


All I ask is for you to love, cuddle, kiss and be close to your baby- something that is so natural and so easy to do. So many moments and images are created from this. The dad in the image above did this pose without any instruction what so ever, it was just a beautiful moment between a baby girl and an absolutely besotted new daddy. It’s one of my favourite parent images I have taken to date and I just love the emotion in it.

The bond between a new parent and their baby is simply beautiful and there is absolutely nothing more adorable than the way a new mummy or daddy looks at their little one.

Family images are so important!

I’m guilty of taking loads of photos and never being in them myself, but in a time when our lives are so busy, this is the situation most of us find ourselves in. I make sure we go for professional photoshoots so that we have those memories captured. I’d love to go back in time to get family images of us all when my little boy was brand new, but it is not something that can be recreated, the time in which these images can be created is pretty slim.

Little precious moments, a touch of a hand, a smile, a kiss or cuddle can all create beautiful memories for your family. They don’t need to be posed, I much prefer natural moments. Grandparents love these images too!


Parent and Family images look simply stunning in black and white!

I’m a sucker for black and white anyway but I love love love love parent images in black and white. Black and white is timeless, simple and looks great when you want the focus to be on your little one!


If you are expecting a little one and would like me to capture some precious images for your family, I recommend getting in contact after your 20 week scan, though I may be able to fit you in if your little one is already here. Sessions are best taken when your little one is under 14 days old and take place at my comfy home studio in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

More information about my newborn photography sessions can be found here.