'Smashing' Cake (or not) with the Birthday Boy...

Meet my little man- Edward. Edward has just celebrated his second birthday. Edward loves cake and chocolate. He definitely has my sweet tooth! He is animal and dinosaur crazy and is also the tidiest 2 year old ever! Everything has to go back in it’s place and he absolutely hates making a mess at dinner time. I always have a pack a wipes handy for him to clean up any mess.

So with that in mind, I wasn’t expecting the messiest cake smash ever. And I was exactly right, it was a very tame smashing of the cake. He was more concerned that the dinosaurs hadn’t had enough cake, and then when they got a bit messy we had a short break to clean all the dinosaurs with baby wipes. Never the less, Edward had loads of fun, enjoyed the (tiny tiny tiny bit of) cake that he ate and loved the bath (because he got to clean all the dinosaurs!).


All my cake smash sessions are individually designed to the chosen colour or theme, so Edward’s was no different. Cake smash clients tend to book in months in advance, however, I decided to throw Edward a cake smash session 2 days before his birthday! I had a mad dash around the shops, decorated a supermarket cake and spent the day before cutting, painting and setting up. And I love the final design!

My sessions usually start with a mini portrait session where we create timeless images of the birthday boy or girl. Instead, we jumped straight in to Edward’s cake smash. He has seen the cake and the dinosaurs already so there was no way I would have got a portrait session out of him!


Like most little ones, Edward was a little unsure at first. I always give my littlest clients plenty of time to warm up and sessions are never rushed. A little time to get used to their surroundings, the crazy lady with the camera and with a little encouragement, they don’t take long to come round.

A wooden spoon and a little encouragement and Edward got stuck in (as much as he could anyway without making too much mess!).

After Edward had tasted some cake his top priority was making sure that the dinosaurs had had their fair share too!

Of course we love a messy cake smash! But even without loads of mess we had loads of fun and I have so many lovely photos of my little man! This is just a tiny snapshot of what we created during the cake smash part of the shoot.

During my cake smash sessions, once the birthday boy or girl has smashed the cake we let them clean off in the tub! With just enough water to have a splash about, they very often absolutely love this part! Edward is a water baby who gets very excited at bath time so I knew he would love it! He was a little bigger than my usual first birthday clients but we managed to squeeze him in the tub! There wasn’t huge amounts of splashing as there was the very serious task of dinosaur washing to do first! Then obviously, as soon as I put my camera away he soaked my studio!

What theme would you have for your little one’s birthday cake smash?

If you have a little one whose birthday is approaching, why not capture some lasting memories to treasure in years to come! You can find out more about my cake smashes here.

And for those of you who want something a little different, I have a number of set ups I would love to create! For the first person to book each theme I am offering 30% off the package price. All I ask is that I can use the images on my social media platforms and website for marketing purposes.

These themes include: Unicorn, Rainbow, Pink and Gold, Space, Plain and Simple White Smash

Please get in contact for more information or to book your session.