Capturing every milestone...

I’m so so passionate about newborn photography and capturing the memories whilst your little one is tiny, and curly and brand new. But what if you have passed that stage? Or if you want to capture more up to date images of your little one? What’s next?

My baby sessions have become increasingly popular recently and I am so happy that they have! It’s often a stage that is overlooked once newborn images have been captured but between 3-6 months, babies change hugely! They are no longer the tiny, sleepy baby they once were. They start to develop their own personalities. They start to smile, give eye contact and interact with others. They have found their arms and legs, begin to push up and roll over. It honestly is an absolute joy to capture (plus seeing the babies as they grow is one of my favourite things ever!!!!).

Little Bobby visited me last month for some newborn images. He was a little star and so so handsome! Bobby was 4 months old at the time so shots were mainly of him lying down on his back or his belly. All my sessions have access to a selection of outfits and props which together create a beautiful varied gallery. Here are some of the favourites from Bobby’s gallery.


I currently offer 2 different sessions for babies, once the newborn phase has passed. One is for babies that are pushing up but not yet sitting, as you have seen. The next is for babies that have started to sit. These sessions are always loads and loads of fun! Babies have started smiling, maybe even giggling. Their (often huge) personalities shine and they begin to interact with the camera a lot more. These sessions offer a huge variety of shots and I have a selection of outfits to choose from as well as getting images in any of their own outfits if Mum and Dad wish.

The sessions are fast paced and usually take approximately 60 minutes to complete. 1-2 weeks after the session you will be invited back to view your beautifully edited gallery of 15+ images.

Babies change so so quickly. These sessions allow you to freeze the most precious times! If you would like to find out more about my baby session, you can do here. If you would like to discuss a session, please contact me.