The Newborn and Portrait Show

Those who follow me on facebook will have seen me posting about the Newborn and Portrait Show this week! It was amazing so I wanted to blog it <3.

The Newborn and Portrait Show is probably the biggest newborn photography show in Europe. Photographers come from around the world to teach, learn and shop. Based in Coventry, it runs for 2 days with live judging of competitions running the day before the show and a huge party on the final day with an awards ceremony to announce competition winners. There are training sessions happening all day with some of the Worlds most incredible photographers, and a main stage with some equally as impressive photographers and software specialists.

This was my first time at the show and I was excited to book onto a lighting masterclass with Gary Hill from Art of the Portrait. He is the go to for lighting training and really knows his stuff. I’ve followed his work for a long time as well as watching his lighting tutorials. I booked as soon as spaces became available. Afterall, as a photographer, lighting is one of (if not THE) most important factors when creating an image. If the lighting is wrong the image just will not work. Whilst I’m confident with lighting newborns, Gary is amazing at lighting adult portraiture, something I am really keen to learn and improve. We had a female model who was amazing at following Gary’s instruction and he talked us through a number of lighting patterns, as well as giving us the opportunity to set up lighting and shots ourselves. As well as shooting the images he had posed and lit.

There is a huge amount of theory that goes with lighting training and it can be quite confusing. I was happy to find that I a lot of the theory I knew and understood from my own research and online training, which gave me some confidence as we moved through the class.

I learnt huge amounts and I cannot wait to practice! Then one day I’ll have a studio with high ceilings and loads of room for lights and huge softboxes- it’s on the dream board so now I need to make it happen!!

Here are some images of beautiful Riya from the day. Posed and lit by Gary and edited by me.

As well as the lighting masterclass I had signed up for a business masterclass with Nina Mace of Nina Mace Photography. Unfortunately Nina was unwell and unable to make the class. As I am registered onto her mentoring programme (EXCITING!!!) I decided to move my session to a business seminar with Kelly Brown of Little Pieces Photography. Kelly Brown is incredible!! Her online bootcamp was one of the first online training programmes I ever purchased and I must have watched it 20 times since! She has worked incredibly hard to become such a huge success and her work is recognised world wide, with her having won some amazing awards! She absolutely knows her stuff when it comes to photography but her business knowledge and advice is also outstanding. I knew her class was going to be well worth it and I wasn’t disappointed. Pages and pages of notes later and my head was full of ideas! Those who have been to a session with me or have spoken to me about my photography will know just how passionate I am about this job! It consumes me and I literally don’t stop thinking about it, and I love it so I wouldn’t have it any other way. So any opportunity to get some business training to take it to the next level is very exciting!! Plus I got to meet Kelly Brown!!

Kelly Brown newborn photographer and me

My husband thought it was very amusing when I got home to tell him all about the show. He said it was funny how I talk about these other photographers like they are rock stars or something. But when you admire someone’s work as much as I admire some of the photographers I saw this week, they are exactly like rock stars to me! I was so excited to see Russ Jackson of Russ Jackson Photography on the main stage that I missed out booking a class because it clashed with his talk. He is the one photographer I want to train with more than any other! Every image he posts has me in awe and his style is exactly where I would like my photography to go, particularly his maternity work! It is nothing less than absolutely stunningly beautiful! His training is also on the dream board!


Of course I shopped and shopped and shopped too! Its hard not too when you are waiting for classes/ main stage talks and you are surrounded by some incredible vendors with beautiful headbands, props, layers, outfits…….



Gorgeous pink flokati from baby photo props eu

Beaded wraps and sleepy hat from the fabulous Sally Slack

Loose curls and felted hearts from cwtchi coo in the heart of Wales

Mustard headband from Love Rosalie

Grey headband from a pocket full of petals

Base wrap and textured wrap from the wonderful Blessence props

I had the best time and I’m looking forward to next year already. Although next year I plan to put my big girl pants on and enter the print and digital competitions and attend the live judging.